Conference Agenda


TouMaLi International Conference 10 & 11 of October, 2022

“Contribution of sound waste management systems to sustainable tourism and the protection of marine ecosystems”

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Alexandria, Egypt

Draft Agenda 


10/10/2022: First Day TouMaLi Conference
09:00 – 10:00 Registration
10:00 – 11:30  Opening session - Insides and strategies from the partner countries



Local Director of TouMaLi Conference Prof. Alaa Abdelbary

Arab Academy of Science, and Maritime Transport (AASTMT)

President Prof. Ismail Abdel  
Ghafar Ismail Farag

University of Rostock, Germany

Prof. Dr. Michael Nelles,
Head of the Professorship for Waste
and Resource Management
Ministry of Environment, Germany

Dr. Axel Borchmann,
Division for Protection of
the Marine Environment

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany H.E. Ambassador Frank
Hartmann (TBC)
Ministry of Interior, Tunisia Ms. Samira Abidi,
General Director of Cleanliness Regulation and Environmental
Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Morocco

Mr. Karam Amzil,
Head of Environmental
Management Department at the
Regional Directorate of
Environment of

Governor of Alexandria, Egypt Mr. Mohamed Taher El-Sherif
Ministry of Environment, Egypt H.E. Dr. Yasmine Fouad
Announcement of TouMaLi Company Egypt
11:30 – 12:00 Coffee Break 

12:00 – 13:30

Session 1: Impact of marine litter on the tourism sector and mitigation initiatives
12:00 Waste management in touristic areas: Cases study from Egypt Mr. Abdelwahab Mohamed, Ministry of
Tourism and Antiquities,
Manager of Alexandria Office

Dr. Gasser E. Hassan,
Egypt Local Project
Manager TouMaLi, Egypt

12:15 Management and recovery of tourism industry waste in Tunisia Ms. Narjess Bouaskar,
FTH – Hotel Federation
12:30 Strategy of the Moroccan tourism ministry for environmental protection and the main approaches of sustainable development Dr. Mohamed Ait Tejan,
Director of the Regional
Association of the Hotel
Industry (ARIH) Morocco
12:45 UfM and CPMR Handbook: “Social and economic regeneration of the Mediterranean after the crisis: shared methods and tools for relaunching a sustainable post COVID-19 tourism model“ Mr. Michele Colavito,
Technical Assistance,
Union for the
Mediterranean (UfM)
13:00 Open discussion, Q/A
13:30 – 15:00 Lunch
15:00 – 17:00 Session 2: Waste management strategies and promotion of EPR
15:00 Grant Programme against Marine Litter – objectives and projects with a focus on EPR approaches Ms. Susanne Altvater,
Technical Project
Manager, ZUG gGmbH
15:20 Recent waste management legislation and EPR in Egypt Dr. Tarek El-Arabi,
Chairman WMRA, Egypt
15:40 Waste management strategy and the promotion of circular economy in Tunisia Mr. Badr Eddine Lasmar,
General Director of
National Agency for
Waste Managemen
(ANGed), Tunisia
16:00 Strategic guidelines for the implementation of the circular economy and a practical study of the application model of EPR for PET bottles Dr. Loubna El Abed,
Representative of the
Ministry of Energy
Transition and
Development, Morocco
16:20 Let’s talk EPR concept: success factors for EPR in the MENA region Mr. Christophe Pautrat,
Chief Operating Officer,
Landbell Group
16:40 Open discussion and Q&A
20:00 Cultural Event 


11/10/2022: Second Day TouMaLi Conference
09:00 – 11:00 Session 3: Regional and Mediterranean Policies and Programs on plastic pollution and Marine litter
9:00 Converging around the regional priorities: marine litter and sustainable tourism at the core of the UfM Green and Blue Agendas Ms. Alessandra Sensi,
Head of Sector -
Environment and Blue
Economy, Union for the
9:15 Water and Environment Support (WES) project: a regional facilitator for the promotion of EU policy on plastics and marine pollution

Prof. Dr. Michael Scoullos,
WES Team

9:30 CPMR Intermediterranean Commission and regional efforts on plastic pollution, sustainable tourism and biodiversity protection Mr. Jordi Juarez, Project
Officer CPMR
9:45 Slashing marine plastic pollution in the Mediterranean: turning science into policy & actions

Dr. Thomais
Senior Policy & Programme
Officer, MIO-ECSDE

10:00 Perspectives for sustainable tourism and the protection of marine ecosystems within the Euro-MED Programme

Ms. Pascale Fauveau- Lagaye,
Project Officer
Interreg MED Programme

10:15 ENI CBC Med Programme Projects and Programmes on Marine Litter Irene Morell Rodríguez,
Senior Expert-
Environment and
Climate Change ENI CBC Med Programme
10:30 Open discussion and Q&A
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break
11:30 – 13:30 Session 4: Contribution of “TouMaLi” for sound waste management systems and sustainable tourism
11:30 Results of TouMaLi marine litter monitoring campaigns Dr. Mirco Haseler, Research Associate, Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research
11:50 Policy concepts related to EPR and National Waste Management in the tourism sector Mr. Paolo Facco, Advisor Circular Economy, Adelphi
12:10 Technical concept for sustainable waste management in the tourism sector in TouMaLi countries Mr. Sebastian Frisch &
Ms. Beatrice Vanek,

Managing Director & Project Engineer,
BlackForest Solutions
12:30 TouMaLi - Extended sector responsibility for sustainable tourism and circular economy Dr. Abdallah Nassour,
Dr. Nour Chaher &
Mr. Julian Wiechert
Research Associates and Project Managers TouMaLi, University of Rostock
12:50 TouMaLi Company Egypt – An organizational approach towards more sustainable tourism

Dr. Gasser E. Hassan, Local Project Manager TouMaLi, Egypt
Mr. Ahmed Tawfik,
Research and Development
Manager, Nahdet Misr

13:10 Open discussion and Q&A
13:30 – 15:00 Lunch
15:00 – 16:30 Closing Session: Sound waste management and sustainable tourism: Round table on the perspectives and the way forward

Perspectives and the way forward within the Mediterranean and the partner countries.

Writing and endorsing a statement for the COP27 in Egypt.

All participants 
End of the conference