Boats Morocco

Positive Impact

Increased awareness of the marine litter problem, mitigation measures and implemented waste management strategies lead to a medium to long-term reduction of litter emissions to the coastal and marine environment. This will positively affect the protection of important ecosystems, marine protected areas (MPAs) and endangered species in the Mediterranean Sea and improve the attractiveness of local tourist destinations. By implementing marine litter monitoring methods and strengthening the monitoring capacities of local institutions, the project establishes the basis for a long-term assessment of the abundance and distribution of marine litter. Next to the economic achievements, the project will contribute to preserving existing jobs, the health of the population and improving the marine environment.

In addition, the project will assess protective and social-environmental standards, such as assessing environmental risks and impacts, working conditions, ensuring resource efficiency by reducing the need for raw materials, ensuring occupational safety, protecting biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Impact on SDGs