This session was about waste management strategies and promotion of EPR

  • Speaker 1: Ms. Susanne Altvater, Technical Project Manager, ZUG gGmbH, talking about "Grant Programmes against Marine Litter – objectives and projects with a focus on EPR approaches"
    Link to PDF: Session 2 - Presentation 01
  • Speaker 2: Dr. Tarek El-Arabi, Chairman WMRA Egypt, talking about "Recent waste management legislation and promotion of EPR in Egypt"
    Link to PDFs (presentation only available in arabic):  Session 2 - Presentation 02aSession 2 - Presentation 02b
  • Speaker 3: Mr. Badr Eddine Lasmar, General Director of National Agency for Waste Managemen (ANGed) Tunisia, talking about "Waste management strategy and the promotion of circular economy in Tunisia"
    Link to PDF: Session 2 - Presentation 03
  • Speaker 4: Dr. Loubna El Abed, Representative of the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development Morocco, talking about "Strategic guidelines for the implementation of the circular economy and a practical study of the application model of EPR for PET bottles"
    Link to PDF (presentation only available in arabic): Session 2 - Presentation 04
  • Speaker 5: Mr. Christophe Pautrat, Chief Operating Officer at Landbell Group, talking about "EPR concepts: success factors for EPR in the MENA region"
    Link to PDF: Session 2 - Presentation 05