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Project Region

Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia not only share their access to the Mediterranean Sea but also economic characteristics: tourism is highly relevant and the main interface of the countries' economies. However, this industry also produces large amounts of waste, namely Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) wrapped in single-use plastic packaging. Not only tourists’ missing awareness about how to dispose of these goods, but also inadequate collection and waste management have given rise to widespread public concerns about pollution levels and marine debris in the MENA region.

Key facts about the project target countries


Country Coastal Popoulation (in million) Waste generation
(in kg per person per day)

Total waste generation
(in tons per day)

Inadequately managed waste Plastic waste littered
(in tons per day)


22.0 1.4 30,000 67% 77


17.3 1.5 25,000 66% 25


7.2 1.2 9,000 60% 21