This session was about the impact of marine litter on the tourism sector and mitigation initiatves. 

  • Speaker 1: Mr. Abdelwahab Mohamed (Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Manager of Alexandria Office) talking about "Contribution of 3Rs in Sustainable Tourism Development and Protection of Marine Ecosystem":
    Link to PDF:  Session 1 - Presentation 01
  • Speaker 2: Ms. Narjess Bouaskar, FTH – Hotel Federation Tunisia talking about "Management and recovery of tourism industry waste in Tunisia":
    Link to PDF:  Session 1 - Presentation 02
  • Speaker 3: Dr. Mohamed Ait Tejan, Director of the Regional Association of the Hotel Industry (ARIH) Morocco talking about "Strategy of the Moroccan tourism ministry for environmental protection and the main approaches of sustainable development":
    Link to PDF:  Session 1 - Presentation 03
  • Speaker 4: Mr. Michele Colavito, Technical Assistance, Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) talking about the "UfM and CPMR Handbook: Social and economic regeneration of the Mediterranean after the crisis - shared methods and tools for relaunching a sustainable post COVID-19 tourism model“:
    Link to PDF:  Session 1 - Presentation 04