Nets washed up on beach

About TouMaLi

TouMaLi aims to develop and establish sustainable waste management solutions in the tourism sector in the countries of Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt to protect marine ecosystems in the Middle East and North Africa region, the so-called MENA region.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and led by the University of Rostock and the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (IOW).

For four years (2021-2025), a consortium of nine different institutions, consisting of academia, think tanks and private entities will address the challenges posed by tourism-related marine debris through the TouMaLi research project. One of the main project goals is to decrease tourism-related beach pollution in the project region. Therefore, the project investigates the quantities and main sources of marine litter in tourism destinations and provides sustainable solutions considering the development of a legal framework, organizational structures, financial tools and technical approaches in the TouMaLi countries. Clear roles and responsibilities, availability of funds and decision makers’ knowledge are the main factors when introducing such solutions. The tourism sector, both private and public, will be involved and integrated into the strategies developed. Tourists represent a significant income source and the main industry players should consider their responsibilities to keep the coastal areas attractive for tourists, to not threaten the stability of their businesses. Awareness-raising and capacity-building activities will ensure that positive impacts extend beyond the duration and target region of the TouMaLi project.

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