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On-Site Visit in Alexandria

English and French

17/11/2022 | Source: University Rostock

Workshop on Beach Litter Monitoring with IOW and WMRA

English and French

14/11/2022 | Source: IOW

PRESS RELEASES in Egypt on the International TouMaLi conference in Alexandria


09/11/2022 | Source: various

EPR Workshop with ANGed in Tunisia

English, French and Arabic

07/07/2022 | Source: ANGed

Second Sampling Campaign in Tunisia June 2022

English and French

06/07/2022 | Source: CITET

Physical kick-off meeting in Marrakesh March 2022

English and French

04/05/2022 | Source: University Rostock

Sampling Campaign in Egypt March 2022

English and French

17/04/2022 | Source: IOW

PRESS RELEASES in Morocco on the launch of the TouMaLi project


12/04/2022 | Source: various

PRESS RELEASES in Tunisia on the launch of the TouMaLi project and the cooperation with CITET

French and Arabic

17/01/2022 | Source: various

PRESS RELEASES about the Arab Academy in Egypt participating in the TouMaLi project

Arabic, English

06/01/2022 | Source: various

Sampling Campaign in Tunisia November 2021

English and French

17/12/2022 | Source: IOW

SITE VISIT & WORKSHOP: Next to sites visits in Alexandria the international and local project team kicked off the TouMaLi project in Egypt on November 7th 2021. 


07/12/2021 | Source: Internal report 

WORKSHOP: The Tunis International Centre for Environmental Technologies (CITET) organized a Kick-off day to launch the TouMaLi project on November 13th 2021. 


13/11/2021 | Source: 

PRESS RELEASE: The newsletter Afrik21 shares an article about the TouMaLi project in their Waste & Biodiversity section.


22/11/2021 | Source: NORTH AFRICA: "TouMaLi" project to clean up coastal areas | Afrik 21

PRESS RELEASE: The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) shares an article about their participation in the TouMaLi project under their "Research News".


02/11/2021 | Source

PRESS RELEASE: The University of Rostock shares an article about the TouMaLi project!


16/08/2021 | Source