Cadi Ayyads article describes a series of conferences and events held from June 5th to June 8th, 2023, in Morocco - Sale City, at the Hassan 2 International Centre for Environmental Education. The events covered various environmental topics and aimed to promote sustainable development and protect the oceans.

Day 1 (June 5th): International Environment Day focused on tackling the plastic crisis. Panel discussions included speakers from universities and environmental organizations, presenting projects like the TouMali project, which addressed waste and plastic pollution in the marine environment.

Day 2 (June 6th): Mediterranean Plastic Tides were discussed in two sessions, exploring the current state of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean and potential solutions.

Day 3 (June 7th): The focus shifted to the African roadmap of the UN decade of ocean science for sustainable development. Experts, researchers, and decision-makers from various African institutions gathered to discuss challenges and opportunities for sustainable ocean management, human health, and fisheries in Africa.

Day 4 (June 8th): Celebrating World Oceans Day, the event emphasized the importance of protecting the ocean and its ecosystems. It explored themes such as climate change, coastal management, underwater ecosystems, and the untapped potential of the ocean.

Throughout the events, there was a strong emphasis on collaboration between different countries and stakeholders, fostering discussions and knowledge sharing to address environmental challenges effectively.