Nets washed up on beach

Project Activities

Six work packages (WP) including a wide range of marine litter mitigation activities will be carried out under the TouMaLi project. The project team, in coordination with local authorities, will establish national networks in North African countries and provide joint background data for the project work (WP 1). Furthermore, it will investigate concepts and solutions based on comprehensive analyses of different aspects of waste management in the targeted countries (WP 2), develop an EPR concept for the benefit of the tourism sector at national level (WP 3), provide basic monitoring methods and approaches for assessing the state and patterns of pollution (WP 4) and implement local waste reduction solutions (WP 5). All the above-mentioned work packages will be supported by dissemination, awareness raising and capacity building activities during the project period (WP 6).

Overview of Work Packages in the TouMaLi Project