This session was about Contribution of “TouMaLi” for sound waste management systems and sustainable tourism

  • Speaker 2: Dr. Mirco Haseler, Research Associate at Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW), talking "Results of TouMaLi marine litter monitoring campaigns"
    Link to PDF: Session 4 - Presentation 02
  • Speaker 3: Mr. Paolo Facco, Advisor Circular Economy, at adelphi, talking about "Policy concepts related to EPR and National Waste Management in the tourism sector"
    Link to PDF: Session 4 - Presentation 03
  • Speaker 4: Ms. Beatrice Vanek, Managing, Project Engineer at BlackForest Solutions, talking about the "Technical concept for sustainable waste management in the tourism sector in TouMaLi countries"
    Link to PDF: Session 4 - Presentation 04
  •  Speaker 5: Dr. Abdallah Nassour, Project Manager TouMaLi from University of Rostock, talking about "TouMaLi - Extended sector responsibility for sustainable tourism and circular economy"
    Link to PDF: Session 4 - Presentation 05