This session was about Regional and Mediterranean policies and programmes on plastic pollution and marine litter.

  • Speaker 1: Ms. Alessandra Sensi, Head of Sector - Environment and Blue Economy at Union for the Mediterranean, talking about "Converging around the regional priorities: marine litter and sustainable tourism at the core of the UfM Green and Blue Agendas"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 01
  • Speaker 2: Prof. Dr. Michael Scoullos, WES Team leader, talking about "Water and Environment Support (WES) project: a regional facilitator for the promotion of EU policy on plastics and marine pollution"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 02
  • Speaker 3: Mr. Jordi Juarez, Project Officer CPMR Intermediterranean Commission, talking about "CPMR Intermediterranean Commission and regional efforts on plastic pollution, sustainable tourism and biodiversity protection"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 03
  • Speaker 4: Dr. Thomais Vlachogianni, Senior Policy & Programme Officer for MIO-ECSDE, talking about "Slashing marine plastic pollution in the Mediterranean: turning science into policy & actions"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 04
  • Speaker 5: Ms. Pascale Fauveau-Lagaye, Project Officer Interreg MED Programme, talking about "Perspectives for sustainable tourism and the protection of marine ecosystems within the Euro-MED Programme"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 05
  • Speaker 6: Irene Morell Rodríguez, Senior Expert- Environment and Climate Change ENI CBC Med Programme, talking about "ENI CBC Med Programme Projects and Programmes on Marine Litter"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 06