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Physical kick-off meeting in Marrakesh
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Several different stakeholders and partners from Morocco were invited to the physical kick-off meeting in Marrakesh. It was hosted by Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh and took place on March 21, 2022. The session was opened by the president of Cadi Ayyad University Mr My Lhassan HBID in addition to a speech by Mr Cyrus Royamanech, a representative of the Federal German Embassy in Rabat. The international project team introduced the project objectives, tasks and outcomes. The local project team presented the local activities of the project. Different local partners and stakeholders presented background information and different activities and efforts related to waste management and plastic waste collection, sorting and recycling in general and in the tourism sector, especially at beaches and in hotels. Overall, more than 100 different stakeholders from research institutions, politics, private companies and NGOs participated in the meeting. All participants and attendees from different stakeholders agreed with the project team about the importance of the project objectives to develop a sustainable tourism sector with less impact on the marine environment. Everyone is looking forward to implementing developed solutions in Morocco.