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Workshop on Beach Litter Monitoring with IOW and WMRA
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In terms of the Toumali project, a workshop on Beach litter monitoring was given in October 2022. After several WMRA employees had already taken part in an online workshop a week earlier, the things they had learned theoretically were then put into practice. On 12.11.22 the participants went to the beach in Alexandria and carried out exemplary surveys for the assessment of beach litter. In the course of the workshop, two methods (100 m & Sand Rake method) were used, which capture both macro (> 25 mm) and meso-litter particles (5-25 mm) and allow presenting an overall picture of the beach pollution. The collected litter was  analysed and categorized. The training should enable the participants to conduct a long-term monitoring of beach litter. Such a monitoring serves to identify the sources of pollution and to develop avoidance and prevention measures to tackle the most common marine litter items found.