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This session was about Regional and Mediterranean policies and programs on plastic pollution and marine litter

  • Speaker 1: Adriana Salazar, Blue Economy Expert, Water, Environment & Blue Economy Division, Secretary of the Union for Mediterranean (UfM), Spain, talking about "Supporting effective waste management for sustainable maritime/coastal tourism and ecosystem protection: UfM policy approach and agenda":
    Link to PDF:  Session 3 - Presentation 01
  • Speaker 2: Mr. Anis Ismail, Key Environment Expert, WES, Tunisia, talking about "EU/Water and Environment Support project (WES)":
    Link to PDF:  Session 3 - Presentation 02
  • Speaker 3: Mr. Haris Paliogiannis, Policy Officer, MIO-ECSDE, Greece, talking about "Mediterranean Dialogue for Waste Management Governance (Med4waste)":
    Link to PDF:  Session 3 - Presentation 03
  • Speaker 4: Mr. Hassan Taleb, Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment protection, Morocco, talking about "B7arblaplastic: “Acting together for a sustainable future “:
    Link to PDF:  Session 3 - Presentation 04
  • Speaker 5: Ms. Sana Ben Ismail, Project Coordinator PB CAP, INSTM, Tunisia, talking about "Fostering knowledge transfer to tackle marine litter in the Mediterranean “Plastic Busters Cap”":
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 05 
  • Speaker 6: Mr. Brahim Soudi, World bank individual consultant, Morocco, talking about "World Bank Coastal Areas without plastics project (LISP)"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 06
  • Speakers 7: Ms. Georgia Chantzi, Research and Policy Development Manager, International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS), Greece, & Ms. Rositsa Stoeva, Executive Manager in charge of Project Management and Cooperation with International and Regional Organization, Permanent International Secretariat (PERMIS) & Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Türkiye, talking about "Plastic pollution and marine litter: The case of the Black Sea"
    Link to PDF: Session 3 - Presentation 07